About Say Fromage

Say Fromage! Or should we say “C’est Fromage!” Or should we just say, “SAY CHEESE!”

Either way, Say Fromage is your answer to CHEESE. Stinky, mild, creamy, rare, artisanal, local…you name it. More importantly, we can help you learn what you like, determine why you like it, discover new cheeses that you would never have tried and even help you pair each cheese with the right accoutrement to create a gastronomical paradise.Say Fromage Custom Cheese Course Logo

Say Fromage’s founder Renee, who is nothing more than a cheese lover at heart with a desire to inspire this same passion in her friends and family and now through the launching of SayFromage.com, THE WORLD!

Renee studied abroad and first cultivated her secret relationship with cheese when studying in France. At first, Renee thought surely there must be something wrong with the poor woman with whom she lived. Their French refrigerator definitely needed a good cleaning for it reeked of sour “something.” Additionally, Renee would find plates of cheese in the cupboard in the evening and continually attempt to put it back in the fridge, only to find it back in the cupboard by morning.

Little did Renee know, these were the inner workings of a cheese genius or at the least, a true cheese aficionado.  Sign up for Say Fromage’s newsletter to learn the rest of this story, to learn about wine and cheese pairings, recipes of the month, and receive exclusive Say Fromage event invitations.